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Cracking "The Safe": The Seattle Mariners
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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

So the M's had a nice day off today...its off to Cleveland and then New York for a short road trip. Freddy Garcia has one last shot to keep his job. I think most Mariner's fans would like to see the dominant Freddy of old, but nobody, including Melvin and Price (if you ask me) are expecting too much. The public outcry for Rafael Soriano to start is beginning to reach a fever pitch.

Why exactly are the M's wasting roster spots on guys like Mac, Mabry, Borders, and Meyers? I'm not part of the group who would lump Dan Wilson in with this group. It is not Wilson's fault that Melvin plays him as much if not more than Davis. It is not his fault that Gillick and Co. overpayed him to get that playing time.

But it is hard to watch Mac try to duplicate what he was doing two years ago. His glove is average to below-average now and he isn't hitting worth a lick. Rey Sanchez is a much more valuable player to have on our roster.

Resigning Mabry was a pointless move. He doesn't bring much to the field. He's a team player though and the kind of guy that Gillick loves these days.

Prospect Watch:

The Bats-

Oh yeah, don't forget that Chris Snelling is one heck of a good hitter. Sure, he struggled after being called up last year, but Snelling is manhandling AAA pitching at Tacoma right now, doubling his seasons HR output in just 9 AAA games.

Michael Garciaparra has raised his average to .243 recently after spending much of it hovering around the Mendoza line. This kid is still very young and his development should be watched with interest.

Greg Jacobs is now tearing up AA at San Antonio. This guy may see AAA before the year is out.

Justin Leone should be playing 3B for the M's right now....enough said...

The Arms-

Clint Nageotte and Travis Blackley are two good reasons why the M's failed to make a deadline deal. Sure Aaron Boone is a nice player, but these guys have enough potential to warrant the lack of action from "Stand Pat".

Felix Hernandez is a name to remember. Just remember that diehard M's fans have already seen the future of their pitching lineup striking out batters with ease at Everett. He is the real deal, 94-97 MPH with ease. His secondary pitches need work but apparently, his curveball has GREAT potential.

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