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Saturday, February 28, 2004

One quick note that I hadn't seen mentioned elsewhere about Snelling's injury (sorry if somebody else already mentioned this) was that:

A Mariners spokesperson said the surgery went well and Snelling, who previously broke the hamate bone which never completely healed, could be sidelined for about six weeks.

So really, this isn't a new injury at all. Just like Snelling suffered a reaccurance of his knee injury, he reinjured his hand. Certainly, Snelling's style of balls to the wall play has been harsh on his body, but this injury is old news.

posted at 2/28/2004 01:10:00 AM

I couldn't pass up this lovely nugget from Baseball Prospectus' glossary of statistical terms....

Ugueto Effect

The Ugueto Effect is name given to the phenomenon in which very poor players are associated with very high Breakout scores. It is far easier for a player like Luis Ugueto, who would produce about 40 EQR over a full season, to improve upon that figure by 20% than it is for Alex Rodriguez; as a result, his Breakout score is likely to be higher. This does not mean that Ugueto is a player you'd want anywhere near your roster.

This makes a lovely addition to the Mendoza Line made famous by former Mariner Mario Mendoza. All we need now if the Cirillo Quagmire, the problem created by having a black hole at third base for two seasons.

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Friday, February 27, 2004

There is this dream I can't shake, it goes something like this.

All the Major League owners are sitting in a large conference room around a giant marble conference table. Marble? Maybe oak. Oak is more like it.

Bug Selig is MC'ing the whole shindig in a cheap suit that he bought from George Zimmer, smiling his slippery smile. Each owner scribble their team's name on a coaster from Hooters and tosses them into a giant Cubs hat, the same hat Steve Bartman was wearing that fateful night in Chi-Town.

Just like drawing straws, each owner draws a name from the size 50 hat, and discovers the identity of his new team in silence. All except for one, good ol' Georgie Steinbrenner. You see, George isn't so happy about his pick. He is already flashing his money clip at Arte Moreno even though Moreno now holds the Devil Rays. But Moreno is biting, he likes Lou Piniella and himself dreams of Rocco Bobblehead Nights for years to come. John Henry is all smiles because he gets a six-picture deal in LA (word on the streets is that Michael Douglas will reprise his famous Gordon Gecko role for a new film about a spoiled owner who hires a no-good, lousy, cheat to throw money at helpless ballplayers).

Georgie is pissed because he drew Seattle. Outside of the confines of his lucrative TV market, Steinbrenner fears that he won't have a snowballs chance in hell to win the World Series. Rather than face shame, Steinbrenner opts out and sells his share to Howard Schultz who promptly renames the team The Seattle Decaf Double Tall Nonfat Extra Foamy Cappucinos.

Tell me, what does it all mean?

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Crack open a sixer and head on over to Olympia Mariner. Welcome, Welcome, drinks are on you guys!

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While Bob Melvin sounds very optimistic that Soriano will be ready for Opening Day, I am not holding my breath. It took Dan Wilson longer to return than was originally expected after he suffered a similar injury last year.

The clearest beneficiary of this bad news would be anyone with a right arm, who talents preferably lie in the realm of shutting down two to three batters at a time. To all the Aaron Loopers and Rett Johnsons of the world, this has to be the best news in a long while. The Mariners have a ridiculous back-stock of right-handed relievers. We gave away Allan Simpson to the Rockies rather than lose him in a garage sale. The point is that Soriano figures to play a HUGE role in the pen this year, but other guys will get a better chance to shine and prove themselves.

John Olerud seems to think that the onus is squarely on his shoulders to rebound from a poor 2003 campaign and help be the bat that the M's need. He's partly right, and while there were moments last year that I felt it was time for Johnny O to hang up the spikes, one glimpse of his sweet swing in a batting cage this week squelched that thought. Nobody takes a more professional approach to the game than Olerud and I expect better things from him this year. I'm rooting for you John.

One thing is very certain, this team bears very little resemblance to its 2003 predecessor.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

I love Grand Salami, no matter what they say about me! =)

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Here is the an early version of the new template....hope your eyes enjoy.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I haven't dropped off the face of the planet, so don't stop checking back in. VERY soon I will start a new series of posts revolving around Spring Training.

Also keep an eye out for a whole new look to this blog....

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